Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome and Introductions

Keynote Presentation

Rick Prelinger, Archivist and Founder
Prelinger Archive
We Are the New Archivists: Artisans, Activists, Cinephiles, Citizens

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Panel 1.1: Case Studies: New Platforms

Moderator: Jan-Christopher Horak, Director
UCLA Film &Television Archive
George Feltenstein, Senior Vice President
Theatrical Catalog Marketing
Warner Archive Collection Online
Tyler Leshney, Vice President
Bob Schumacher
Deluxe Archive Solutions and Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson online
Jean Marc Bordes, Chief Operating Officer
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Monitoring the broadcast of archive content: INA Signature

Panel 1.2: Local Media, Local Histories

Moderator: Allyson Field
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Shannon Mattern
The New School
Excavating: Digging into urban media history through the archive
Anne Richardson
Independent film historian
Dennis Nyback
Independent film archivist
The Portland that was: Archival film, video, and live screenings illuminate local history
Elizabeth Coffman
Tom Weinberg
Sara Chapman

Loyola University Chicago
Media Burn Archive
The Web 2.0 archive: and many-to-many archiving

Panel 1.3: Digital Scholarship

Moderator: Janet Bergstrom, Professor
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Jim Ridolfo
University of Cincinnati
Michael McLeod

Michigan State University
Tailoring the digital archive to the needs of cultural and scholarly stakeholders: The Samaritan Archive 2.0 Project
Adam Lauder
York University
Raisonné as interactive archive and virtual research environment
Kevin McMahon
Archival walls to archival screens: Some post-classical precedents
Howard Besser
New York University
Reimagining archives for the digital scholar of the future

Panel 1.4: Finding Community in the Archive: The Machine Project as Nexus

Emily Lacy, Artist
The Machine Project
Sam Meister, Archival Consultant Looking for the archive elsewhere: Machine Project as a site of new investigations in archival practice
Andrew J. Lau
All description is a form of creation: Constructing the event through documentation

Panel 2.1: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Science & Technology Council: Digital Motion Picture Archive Project

Andy Maltz, Director
Science & Technology Council
Elizabeth Cohen, Member
Science & Technology Council
Milt Shefter, Project Lead
Digital Dilemma II

Panel 2.2: Amateur & Private Archives 

Moderator: Ramesh Srinivasan
UCLA Department of Information Studies
Amelia Abreu
University of Washington
Tag games, tweets, and recipes: Sharing and the archives of the Networked domestic
Maija Andersen
University of Chicago
Private collectors, public collections: Reconsidering access and ownership
Beth Capper
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Pleasure palace theater of the future: The work and documents of Shirley Clarke's TeePee Video Space Troupe

Panel 2.3: New Tools & Platforms   

Martha Yee
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Reimagining moving image archival cataloging using the World Wide Web
Erin Riesland
USC Shoah Foundation Institute
iWitness: Investigating the intersection of digital citizenship, new literacies, and Holocaust and genocide studies
Sherri Wasserman
Thinc Design
Toward the design of effective tools to connect digital archives and public space
Thomas Drugeon
Valentine Frey
Jérôme Thièvre
Matteo Treleani

Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Context sensitive archiving of videos on the web

Panel 2.4: Media Archaeology, Old and New

Moderator: Erkki Huhtamo
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts
Monika Gagnon
Mary Elizabeth Luka

Concordia University

Creative archiving in the multimedia archive: Animating Canada and the Films of Expo '67

Richard Wright
BBC Research & Development
You can be serious: Broadcast archives and academic discourse
Estelle Blaschke
Max Planck Institute
Between abundance and excess: The photographic archive and the Image economy
Bradley Fidler
Archiving Internet history at UCLA

Panel 3.1: CalArts Faculty: At the Digital Intersection

Moderator: Steve Mamber, Professor
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Thom Andersen
Rebecca Baron
Norman Klein
Allan Sekula

Panel 3.2: Realizing Scalar Capacities To Transform Media Archive

Erik Loyer
Introducing Scalar: Designs for innovation
Craig Dietrich
Beyond relational: Database dynamics of Scalar
Steve Anderson
Users allowed: Fair use and Critical Commons
Mark Williams
Dartmouth College
(Presented at the Symposium by Steve Anderson)
The history of now: Media ecology and the news

Panel 3.3: Archives, Knowledge & Power 

Moderator: Vivian Sobchack, Professor Emerita
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Sarah de Rijcke
Anne Beaulieu
Virtual Knowledge Studio, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences
The enactment of museum collections in digital infrastructures: Authorizing actors, configuring expertise
Noah Shenker
McMaster University
Virtual Museum of the Holocaust
The Cambodian Genocide Tribunal, archived audiovisual testimonies, and the public record
Ricardo Punzalan
University of Michigan
These images are similar, but are not the same: Colonial archives in the age of virtual reunification

Panel 3.4: Archival Practices, Methods, Cases

Jackie Esposito
Pennsylvania State University
Electronic records management and digital curation for university business records: A Matryoshka design
S. Lynn McClelland
San Jose State University
Challenges posed to digital preservation by United States intellectual property laws
Valentine Frey
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Memory systems: A conceptual and methodological solution considering audiovisual archives in the digital era
Nancy Marrelli
Concordia University
A case study of biomedical illustrations in Grant's Atlas of Anatomy textbook

Panel 4.1: Saving the Game: New Approaches to Preserving Videogame Culture 

Moderator: David O'Grady
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Megan Winget
University of Texas, Austin
We Need A New Model: The Game Development Process and Traditional Archival Models
Henry Lowood
Stanford University
Video Capture: Machinima, Documentation, and the History of Virtual Worlds
Ken McAllister
University of Arizona
Judd Ruggill
Arizona State University
Computer Game Archiving & the Serious Work of Being Silly

Panel 4.2: Archival Philosophy & Principles

Moderator: Robert Rosen, Professor
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Julia Noordegraaf
University van Amsterdam
Performing the archive: Archivists as editors of knowledge
Jillian Cuellar
New York University
Putting the "I" in archives: Archivists, amplified
Alexander Berman
Simmons College
Conventional archival principles and their role in the digital environment
Bruno Bachimont
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Digital memories: Preservation dynamics and new challenges

Panel 4.3: Cultures and Communities

Moderator: Anne Gilliland
UCLA Department of Information Studies
Pedro Mandagará
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
A new kind of forgetting: The Brazilian mailzine, 1998-2002
Vivian Wong
Asian diasporic community narratives
Sheenagh Pietrobruno
McGill University
Faith University
The living archive of an intangible cultural heritage
Maria Cotera, Professor
University of Michigan
Linda Garcia Merchant, Artist
Reimagining the Chicana archive: Documenting the development of Chicana feminist thought through new media

Panel 4.4: Europeana: Moving Images in the Digital Library - A Conversation with Jonathan Purday

Host and moderator: Daniel Teruggi, Head of Research
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Jonathan Purday, Senior Communications Advisor

Panel 5.1: Ways Ahead for Graduate Education in Digital Media Archive

Moderator: Leah Lievrouw, Professor
UCLA Department of Information Studies
Nick Browne, Professor and Chair
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
UCLA Moving Image Archive Studies
Caroline Frick Page, Curator of Motion Pictures
George Eastman House L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation
University of Rochester
Howard Besser, Professor and Director
NYU Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program
Keith Johnston, Director of Post Graduate Taught Programmes
M.A. in Film Studies with Film Archive Option
University of East Anglia
Julia Noordegraaf, Programme Director
M.A. Program in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image
University van Amsterdam
Daniel Teruggi, Director of Research
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Panel 5.2: Archives Without Borders: Visual Media and Virtual Preservation

Janet Bergstrom, Professor
UCLA Cinema & Media Studies
Celluloid past, digital futures?
Eirik Frisvold Hanssen
Norwegian University of Science & Technology
Film curatorship, DVDs, and the memory and loss of materiality
Marina Hassapopolou
University of Florida
Interactive cinema: Issues of archiving, access, retrieval and distribution
John Hunter
The inescapable archive: Cinematic representations of the computer ecosystem

Panel 5.3: Artists & Archives 

Moderator: Johanna Drucker, Breslauer Chair
UCLA Department of Information Studies
Florian Wiencek
Jacobs University, Bremen
The online life of media art archives
Rachel Fensham
University of Surrey
Digital dance archives: Visual searching for enhanced interactivity
Linda Tadic
Audiovisual Archive Network
Los Angeles art in sound and moving images: Deep indexing to mine hidden timebased content

Closing Plenary Panel Reimagining the Archive: The Challenges of Digitization 

Host and Moderator: Jan-Christopher Horak, Director
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Roei Amit, Head of Multimedia Publishing
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel
Gregory A. Lukow, Chief
Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division, Library of Congress

Digital (In)appropriations 2010 a festival of short, digital appropriated-footage films

Curated by Jaimie Baron, Andrew Hall, and Madeleine Gallagher
A Movie Bruce Conner
A Movie by Jen Proctor Jen Proctor
5DVacation2 Ryan Lamb
Nuke 'Em, Duke LJ Frezza
Ceibas (we things at play) Evan Meaney
Triptych Unrendered Antonio Mendoza
mountain-water-painting Christin Bolewski
Slipstream Dillon Rickman
Putting Yourself Out There Clint Enn
Moments in (Cyber)love Jen Inman
Virtual Assistance Project Andrew Norman Wilson
spam letter + google image search = video entertainment  Andre Silva
Lossless Rebecca Baron & Doug Goodwin
Testament Natalie Bookchin

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